The Kingdom of Fior


The kingdom of Fior has existed for several centuries. A strong bloodline that has gone on for the same length has been leading Fior on and off between the intrigue, occasional coups and rare assasinations.

While in Fior everyone can work his way up to become the leader of their respective locale it takes a champion or a true mastermind to make it all the way to the top in a single lifetime.

In Fior Honor binds every freedman and is held in the highest regard.

The Kingdom of Fior consists of several major cities and their region:

  1. The Crown of Fior: Oakreach
  2. The Basket of the West: Cloverfield
  3. The Jern’s Harvest: Rosepoint
  4. The Ivory Harbor: Boneridge
  5. The City of the Gods: Winterbite

The Kingdom of Fior

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